Flexible Seating: My Middle School Classroom


Last school year, I began the journey of switching to flexible seating. If you aren’t sure what flexible seating is, or where to begin the prcess, I’d recommend reading this blog post. 

Now that it’s August, the back-to-school season has begun. I’ve been busy this summer, collecting all the furniture needed for my flexible-seating classroom. I’m excited to share the (almost) finished product. Check it out!


5 thoughts on “Flexible Seating: My Middle School Classroom

  1. Heather

    Ok. So I love it. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. One question for you. What happens when you need to “lecture?” I know it’s not the typical teaching style nowadays. I do it not often myself. But, sometimes we (as teachers) need to talk and our kids need to listen and take notes. How does that work for you?


    • Great question! I, also, still do some whole-class mini lessons. From every spot, it is still possible for students to see the board. If I need them to take notes, I have a trash bin full of clipboards for students to use. I also offer students a chance to switch seats to more of a traditional “table” when I know there will be a lot of writing, note-taking, etc. So far, my kids have had no issues just using clipboards. It’s been great!


  2. Ashley A

    Hello! I absolutely love your classroom! I teach 6th grade math and am working on a plan to implement flexible seating for next year. My question is, what do you do during standardized testing? There are a few times per year we take a benchmark assessment and then the end of the year state tests, which require strict conditions for the classroom (desks all facing the clock, a specific amount of space in between each one, etc.)? Thanks!!


    • For our benchmarks, we still test in the classroom. All my students still have a flat table surface of some sort to place their computers on. We are in the process of talking to our counselors about the possibility of state testing in the room. If it is not allowed, our backup plan is to always have our kids test either in the library or one of our computer labs. So far, it hasn’t been an issue.


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